: Artist Statement / Etching 
My work originates from printmaking.  I begin my pieces through the process of etching, and as the pieces develop, I incorporate drawing and collage through the use of pencil, ink, marker, watercolor, paper and threads, which I glue onto the surface or stitch into the paper.  I am interested in exploring the concepts of time and memory, and I find the technique of etching to be a suitable means for expressing these ideas. 
As the acid bites into the copper plate over a period of days, it leaves a trail of marks, cuts and grooves, creating a visual history over time.   The marks become more significant as they are juxtaposed with sections of the plate that have not encountered the acid.  I think of this transformation of the plate as a metaphor for the passage of time.  My goal is to bring the notion of time into sharp focus through the erosion and drawing on the plate, in combination with the drawn and collaged abstract forms that are added to the final prints.  I am interested in developing a tactile surface that emphasizes the lyrical and fragile nature of the contours and forms interwoven throughout the pieces.
: Artist Statement / Digital print
I am interested in exploring the concepts of memory and time. I find a suitable way to express these ideas in printmaking techniques and photo collages. Through this process, I collect pieces of memory, draw, print, cut, stitch, and paste images, and develop the final images as a digital print.

My print series is about childhood and self-rediscovery. 
Even if we have all different cultures, places, thoughts, backgrounds, personalities, skin colors, languages, we all have childhood. We can understand each other through our childhood memories. l'd like to say that it is the seed of ‘empathy’. 
My childhood memories and myself are reflected in the children's images, and I discover that my existence does not disappear.

In my prints, the children are colorfully dressed, but their faces have no color. Those children can be anyone who reminds the viewer of their own childhood through my work. It depicts all kinds of inner emotional states through the child's gestures, moods, memories, and places. Children become mirrors.

구지회 작가는 기억과 시간의 개념을 탐구하는데 관심이 있으며, 이러한 아이디어를 표현하는데 적합한 수단으로 기억의 조각들을 그리거나 새기거나 찍거나 붙이듯이 판화기법과 포토콜라쥐에서 찾습니다. 

그녀의 판화 시리즈는 어린 시절과 자기 재발견에 관한 것입니다. 다른 문화와 공간, 다른 생각과 성격, 그리고 다른 피부색과 언어를 가지고 있다고 하더라도 우리 모두에게는 어린시절이 있습니다. 우리는 어린시절이 기억을 통해 서로를 이해할 수 있습니다. 작가는 그것을“공감”의 씨앗이라고 말합니다. 
그녀는 아이들의 모습에서 어린 시절의 기억과 자신을 반영하여 그녀의 존재가 사라지지 않는 것을 발견하게 됩니다. 

작품 속에 있는 아이들은 화려한 옷을 입었지만 얼굴에는 색이 없습니다. 그 아이들은 그녀의 작품을 통하여 관람자의 어린 시절을 상기시키는 모든 사람이 될 수 있습니다. 그것은 아이의 몸짓, 기분, 기억, 장소를 통해 모든 종류의 내면의 감정상태를 묘사합니다.

아이들은 우리의 거울이 됩니다.