: Artist Statement
My work originates from printmaking. I begin my pieces through the process of the digital print. As the pieces develop, I incorporate drawing and collage through the use of photography, linocut, monotype, raster graphics editor, pencil, ink, marker, watercolor, paper and threads, which I glue onto the surface or stitches into the paper. I am interested in exploring the concepts of time and memory, and I find the technique of printmaking to be a suitable means for expressing these ideas. 

My printmaking series is about my childhood and self-rediscovery. Since embarking on the path of motherhood, I have enjoyed observing my children grow up, but feared for a while that I might lose myself as an artist. The burden of childcare always came to me unequally in the home, and I, as a mother in it, had to struggle with the childcare work to find my career. One day while flicking through my personal family photography album, I discovered my kids were reflection of my childhood and myself, so that my existence would never disappear. On my prints, the children are colorfully dressed, but their faces have no color. The child could be everyone to remind viewer’s childhood through my printmaking. My goal is to bring the concept of memory and time through my artwork. It depicts all kind of the inner emotional state through the child's gestures, moods, memories and places. I believe that my works will be a bridge sharing “empathy” with people. Children become mirror.